MOPPET – Instant Babies and Toddlers Cereals, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients

Natural Children

The best way to keep your kids healthy is to start
them with Moppet Instant Baby cereal mixed,
100% Natural and fully nourishing to help them
grow the right way

Children Food as relish as Mother's Love...

All-Natural & Organic Ingredients.

Fresh and Natural cereal mix for your little one's first bite to toddler years, with over 20+ ingredients to choose from to support healthy child's development

Perfectly Portioned

We know the right dose and clinically researched formulas to cover your baby's daily nutritional needs.
All our products are made from naturally grown grains with no added sugar, coloring, preservatices, flavor or chemicals

Natural Baby cereal food

Made by Experts.

Our porridge mix are developed by certified child nutritionist and experts in pediatric nutrition to ensure safety, efficacy, and highest quality.
Because your baby's health is our priority

Made with Love, Not Machines

Our production process involves natural and ecofriendly methods which produces nutritionally superior wholesome powder that sustains original color and flavor of grain in every pack. .

The Natural Revolution

Let's revive the legacy of health rooted in nature. We want to help you bridge the gap in providing wholesome and nourishing meals because your baby's life demands a healthy foundation

Catch Them Young

All species in the world nurtures and grooms their little ones naturally, why should Humans be different?
What better way to serve a healthy, nutritious, and natural meal mixed with love than to serve your baby 'Moppet'