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Moppet Dadsperience: A Wife’s Motherly Role

The role of a mother in a family cannot be overemphasized. She is the family’s support system, tending to the household while being a helper to her husband. Father of three, Promise Atuma, tells us about his lovely wife and mother of their children.

“I’ve been married for about 10 years by the grace of God, and we have three lovely children – Two boys and a girl. I decided to marry my wife because she was the type of lady that every man would want to marry. The first day I met her, I could see the genuineness in her…her humility. Everything I was hoping for, she had it, and I don’t regret marrying her.

What I got marrying my wife is even more than my expectations in terms of love, care, and being a mother. She has been so amazing in many ways. She has done more and better than I expected, and I pray she continues that way.
She has been so good to me; I must be honest. She is always there to make sure that everything is done properly.

She balances and maintains the roles of being a wife and mother perfectly well. She does her things effortlessly. She is just good at it. Sometimes, I tell her to take it easy on herself. I also make sure I play my role so that she’s not overwhelmed or tired. Her role as a mother did not affect my relationship with her as my wife at all. I understand we don’t have anyone to help us here, and it would be selfish of me to think that her creating time for the children will affect our relationship. Even when I think she’s taking it too hard on herself, I try to step it to ensure that she is not overwhelmed.

Does she consider the children before me? We understand the children, and they need our support. I am not always at home; she’s with them most of the time. So, saying that she put the children before me will not be a fair comment. I am always away in school. I won’t say she put the children before me because the children are mine as well. I’ve never felt she put them before me.

She has been an encouragement and support to me, my children, and our family. Living with her has done a lot to my life in terms of the way I see and address issues, because I can be very blunt. She has impacted my life positively. Even the school can see the way she takes care of our children. She has been amazing.

She has made me feel special so many times. There’s something she does whenever I’m going to work. We live in a two-storey building. She will stand at the window and wave at me every time I’m going to work. That’s somehow touching to me. She will even call me to ask whether I’ve gotten to work. It gladdens my heart.

My children love their mum. I think they are even closer to her than me since they spend time with her more than me because that bond is there. They even ask her some things they will not dare ask me. They love her.

I love my wife very much. I made the right decision marrying her, and I appreciate her all the time.”

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