MOPPET – Instant Babies and Toddlers Cereals, made with 100% natural and organic ingredients

Children Food as relish as Mother's Love

In a world where all the species nurture their youngs ones naturally... Why should Humans be different?

Ecofriendly Manufacturing

The industrialized way of producing cereals removes grain flavors, drastically reduces nutritional value, and eliminates things that make grains unique. We think this is not healthy. Our production process involves an eco-friendly method that produces nutritionally superior cereal that sustains the original color and taste.

Naturally Grown Grains and nothing else but love

All our products are made with naturally grown grains free from harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and mixtures excludes sugar, concentrates,preservative and artifical coloring

Sprouting Advantage

Balance your children's meal with rich and wholesome sprouted grains. Sprouting aids easy digestion and enhances the fiber, vitamins & minerals.

Healthy Weight Gain

Our mix of wholesome grains will support your child in healthy weight gain and sustainable growth.

Our mission is to deliver wholesome and nourishing meals free of pesticides to every Nigerian home

Healthy Meal = Healthy Baby