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How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The internet and online space is littered with so many contents that are inappropriate for children. The contents your kids watch and read online can affect their psychological and social development. Follow these tips to keep your child(ren) safe online:

Set clear rules and boundaries for online behaviour and monitor their internet use.

Educate your children about online safety, privacy, and the dangers of sharing personal information.

Use parental controls to filter out inappropriate content and limit screen time.

Encourage open communication about their online experiences, and listen to their concerns. Have open, honest and regular conversations with your kids about their online activities.

Teach your kids to recognize and report online bullying, harassment, and other harmful behaviour.

Remind them that anything they post online can have long-term consequences.

Encourage them to be good digital citizens by treating others with kindness and respect.

Keep the computer in a common area where it can be monitored, and be aware of any warning signs of problematic behaviour.

It is advisable to only buy them personal gadgets with internet access when they are of age and can distinguish between good and bad content.

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