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How to start your baby on solids

As a parent, many questions would come with having a baby, but most often the question is usually when do we start solid with a baby.

If you are not a first-time mom, you know that starting a baby on solid can be quite a journey, it is difficult to teach little humans how to eat, I must confess.

But you are not alone if you are struggling to know when your baby should start solids or how to get your baby to even eat any solid food, Moppet brand was created to make keeping your kid healthy the easiest part of your motherhood.

So we pulled together some of the frequently asked questions on starting solids to help you navigate this stage of motherhood;

  • When should my baby start eating solids? It is recommended by WHO that breast milk is best for babies from age 0-6 months exclusively, but some parent start their little ones on solid between 4 to 6 months, but we will advise, there are a few signs to look out for to know if your baby is ready;
    • When they can sit independently
    • When they show interest in what people are eating around them
    • If you notice they have lost their tongue-thrust reflex.

Above all of these signs, you should speak to your pediatrician about introducing solids or follow the WHO recommendation and start solid at 6 months.

  • What types of solid should I start with? All though rice-based cereals are popular as babies’ first bites, we’d recommend trying oat-based cereals and vegetables or fruit-based cereals instead. And we highly recommend that you start and continue your little one with only natural cereals devoids of chemicals, artificial sugar, or additives. Starting your baby on healthy foods helps them set up for a lifetime of health and allows them to develop their palate towards healthier and more nutritious choices in the future, our recommendation would be to start your baby with Moppet Mixgrain, then migrate to Nutmeals and Veggies after.
  • What if my baby refuses to eat Solid? You are required to take at least 15 times for a baby to try a new flavor before learning to accept it, yes, I am not joking, that is how many times needed not just 5 minutes later to truly decide if your kid has rejected a solid food or not. Remember that this food is new to your little one who also has never eaten solid before, so it is normal for them to adjust to being introduce to a whole new world of tastes and textures. However, these few tips will help you to get your child to accept solid faster.
    • Add breast milk or formula if your baby is brand new to the solid.
    • Mix the cereal with a familiar food
    • Try revisiting it in smaller portions
    • Add breastmilk or formula if your baby is
    • Refuse to give up, it will be worth it when your LO starts eating it.

Believe us, we know it can be frustrating but through repeat exposure and keeping yourself in a more experimental headspace, you will get it.

  • Should I feed my baby or try to encourage her to feed herself? It gets messy, but giving your baby the reins by putting food in front of them or handing them the spoon can help establish strong skills and independence. But to make sure they are taking enough food, they should be fed properly and monitored

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