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Hugs are Therapeutic

As couples, you can get so familiar with each other that you don’t share hugs as often as you should. 

This morning, I hugged Shindara and I love how I felt and I am sure she loves it too. 

Seeing ourselves every day can make us commonise this little thing that can spice our marriage, hence it’s imperative for us to be intentional about these little things, so we can achieve the results we desire. 

I will try to hug my beautiful Shinshin more. I’ll be more deliberate about this. Shin baby, be ready for massive hugs from me o. 😄😄

Dear married couple, how often do you also hug your spouse? 

Sometimes, all you just need to do is hug them tightly for few seconds and that can do wonders. 

Building a successful relationship requires work.

Don’t just expect these things to happen. Take action. . 

I’m Emmanuel, the exceptional being.

According to research… we can confirm that hugs have therapeutic effects.

The longing for human touch and connection is as basic as any human need, and there’s strong evidence that hugs don’t just make you feel good. Researchers have found that giving your loved ones an affectionate squeeze can actually be good for your health.

“The health benefits of giving and receiving hugs are quite impressive. Hugs have a therapeutic effect on people,” says psychologist Joe Rock, PsyD. He says hugs are a good way to show someone you care about them. What’s more, they’re good for your health. 

“Research shows that hugs can be healthy,” says Dr. Rock. “Hugs cause a decrease in the release of cortisol, a stress hormone, and other research indicates that hugs decrease your blood pressure and heart rate in stressful situations,” he adds. 

Additional research found that giving and receiving hugs can actually strengthen your immune system. 

Dr. Rock says hugging seems to have a therapeutic effect. That’s because your brain has specific pathways created to detect human touch. 

“We can detach ourselves from people and get locked up in our own world,” he says. “Just the physical act of hugging someone really does connect us with them and lets down some of our defenses.”

Hugging communicates that you are safe, loved and that you are not alone — a much-needed message right about now.

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