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Moppet Dadsperience: A Child’s Name and its Significance.

Many believe that a name as a means of identification, carries deep, personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections.
A significant aspect of naming in Nigeria is the use of names to reflect spiritual beliefs.

A name is a unique identity for a child, but does a child’s name influence his/her character? To what extent does a name affect a child and how powerful is a name?

Nnamdi Ibeanu Chijioke, a Manager at a top phone and electronics retail company, and a father of three lovely children, shares his perceptions on naming a child, and why he chose the names his children go by.

“My children’s names are Ikechukwu, Kosisochukwu and Chidiebube. Ikechukwu means ‘God’s strength’, Kosisochukwu means ‘As it pleases God’, and Chidiebube means God is the greatest’.

I chose the names for them because God has always been present in my family, ever-loving, ever-sweet, and faithful. I used to be really wayward but God brought me back despite everything I put him through. He saved me and gave me more than a second chance. I had a terrible accident that my car somersaulted not once, in fact, I lost count; I fell off the cliff and nothing happened to me, not even a scratch. God came through for me like he always does.

My kids don’t have English names because I want them to know their origin, and people should too. We are proud Igbo people. Igbokwenu!

Of course, the names of my children reflect in their lives and character. See, the thing is that I’m big on God; I am his fan. God has shown me so much kindness and love. I see it in the life of my family. My wife just got promoted at work, my kids are the best in their school, they show their mom and I so much love and concern. They are the best.

What name would I choose if I have another child? Well, I want to have girls and they are going to be twins. I would give them Chidinma and Chiamaka meaning, ‘God is good’ and ‘God is beautiful’ respectively.

God has made my life so beautiful. When my wife was pregnant for our last child, she almost died and God did come through. Like I said, I’m God’s number one fan, and I’ll always talk about Him no matter where I find myself.

My wife and I are no longer together…”

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