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Moppet Dadsperience: Childhood vs Fatherhood

Fathers were once kids who were also nurtured and cared for by their parents until they grew and eventually started their own lives and family.

Samuel Akpabio Unim, a business man who operates a Franchise store that sells phones, phone accessories, and electronics, shares a snippet of his life as a child and becoming a father. Hear him:

Growing up was terrifying; We barely had three square meal. Saying it right now makes me laugh. We lived in the village (in Cross River) until I decided to make a living for myself. I wish I had asked my father/parents why they didn’t find a way like other parents to leave Nigeria.

A tradition I learnt from my father and I’m passing to my children is that we must all have lunch together every Sunday after church. You cannot eat in your room or be absent. When we eat together, we pray and say what we are thankful for.

Secondly, during Christmas, if we are not going to the village, all my nephews and nieces will come over to our house.

My dad didn’t have much but he kept these traditions.

The best advice I have received when it comes to raising a child is to not beat a child when he/she does something really bad, but to sit the child down, talk to him/her with an understanding, making the child to realise that what he/she did is wrong and encourage him/her not to do it again.

Setting limits and being consistent is the golden rule to good discipline. Be kind and firm when you set rules and enforce them. Focus on the reason behind the child’s misbehaviour.

The worst advice I have ever received as a father is that I shouldn’t be friends with my kids because they won’t fear or respect me, and that I should always scold them.

I have four children – Three boys and a girl. I felt like a good father when I knew I could make financial plan that involved children and not only my wife, and the desire to continue family traditions because I was so ready to live up to my responsibilities.

I tell my sons never to hit a woman. I teach them what is right and wrong, and tell them to do their best. I take out time to listen to my children and give them undivided attention. I always try to understand things from their perspective.

I barely care about myself; I put my kids first, and all I care about is making sure they are happy and healthy.

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