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Moppet Dadsperience: Dealing With Sibling Rivalry

Every parent wants their children to live in love and peace with no or less conflict and resentment, however, there is bound to be misunderstandings and competitions among siblings especially when they are still in their young age; There will be bickerings, jealousy and fights which can transcend to their older years if unmanaged.

Dominic Donatus, an Army Officer and a father of three shares his experience on this topic and how sibling rivalry can be prevented and managed.

” I have 3 children, aged 10, 8, and 3 respectively. I am very close with them. On a scale of 1-10, I will choose 10 on how close my kids are to themselves. I don’t have a favourite among them.

My kids fight and argue everyday and they reconcile same day. I punish and discipline them when they bring their dispute to me.
They do not really compete with each other.

Competition and rivalry affects the relationship between children. Showing love to one over the other is the main cause of sibling rivalry.

My children have not accused me at any point in time of being the cause of their fight and rivalry.”

When asked if he experienced any sort of rivalry with his siblings while growing up, Mr Donatus responded in affirmation but declined to talk about it.


What is the relationship between your kids like? We would like to know your experience on this topic.

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