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Moppet Dadsperience: Having and Raising an Only Child

Having an only child is a choice and conscious decision for some parents, and not for other parents. Negative stereotypes surround having a single child. In a society like Nigeria, parents with one or two offsprings face societal pressures to ‘add to the number(s)’. An only child can come with a lot of benefits for families, but can also have its own set of challenges.

Realtor, Mr Adewale Adebayo Martin has only one daughter. On this episode of Moppet Dadsperience, he shares with us his life as a father of one.

“It wasn’t my choice to have only one child. Having kids was difficult for my wife, and the Doctor advised that she shouldn’t birth another child because it’s risky.

I used to wish I had more than one child but not anymore. Having an only child is drama-free; No stress whatsoever, it feels amazing.

We know our daughter is all we’ve got. We bring her up with good manners, well disciplined, and very respectful.

Having an only child has taught me to give my all, prioritise career growth and travel, and one is never stressed about finances.

We are over protective of her. Sometimes, she makes it difficult but I can’t say it has affected me in anyway. When she goes back to school, the house is really quiet. Families advise me to take another wife so she can have children for me, some suggest surrogacy, and others say adoption is also an option.

How my daughter feels being an only child?
My girl always says, “It’s not that bad, and God knows better.”

No, I’m not the only child of my parents. I have 5 siblings.

If my only child wants to be a nun or join the military, I will never allow it. I’ll call her selfish. I might cut her off when she insists.

I actually don’t feel pressured at all because God has given me what He wants to give me, and if I decide to adopt, that’s on me, my choice, my decision.”

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