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Moppet Dadsperience: My Father, My Motivator

Fathers play very important role, providing and directing the affairs of the family. As a father and head of the family, it is also important to be exemplary and serve as a source of strength, inspiration and motivation to the children. Motivating the children encourages them to achieve more, builds their confidence, and helps them to develop strong emotional and mental strength during difficult times.

Realtor and father of two (boys), Adebayo Daniels tells us how his father was his biggest motivator, and the impacts on how he is raising his children. Hear him:

As a father, showing love, having goal-oriented thoughts, and being eager to expend effort to achieve goals are the things that motivate me and keep me going during tough times.

My father taught me many important lessons – how to be affectionate and supportive, and how to take care of everyone. He helped me become who I am today. He was a very ambitious and a very loyal man. He would do whatever he could to aid and assist. I admire his ambition, his desire, his drive, and his work ethic. He never talked bad about others, always helped other people, and always tried to do the right thing no matter what it would cost him. He was kind, thoughtful, generous, and honest. I attribute much of who I am as a person to my dad and I thank him for his dedication to our family.

The way my father was with me is the way I am with my boys, Owen and Andrew. They are my source of inspiration and I want to be able to provide for them.

My father told me never to give up. My wish is to make my dad proud and happy. I want to be the best for my boys because my dad used to say family is everything.

There is this song by Pink titled, ‘Try’; It makes me remember my father and the things he used to say. He would say that no matter how tough life gets, just make sure you keep trying and never give up because a lot of people depend on you.

The most important lessons I learnt from my father are – that family is everything; do not joke with blood, always do the right thing, give when you can, life is short, and your happiness is in your hands.
He also taught me to be resilient, confident, show respect and kindness, to be self-confident and above all, to show love.

My father was the most important person in my life. He was so involved in my life and regularly showed gratitude. He loved and respected my mum and treated her like a queen. I never saw them argue about anything. He was a loving husband and a good and loyal father.

How my relationship with my father influenced my raising my children? Love – My father was always involved in my life, from secondary school to college. He was my anchor, my rock, my favourite human, the one that loved me, one-of-a-kind man, my best friend. I miss him so dearly. All I can say is Love, and that’s why I love my boys so much that they are my best friends.

You know how tradition works, teaching your children what you learnt from your father. I was born into a family with so much love and compassion. I read to my boys, play with them, spend a lot of time with them, motivate them about life, tell them same stories my father told me about our history. My sons are my best friends, and I always want to see them happy. They are my rock, refuge and stronghold.

They wrote me a letter on Valentine’s Day, thanking me for taking care of them and all that I do for them, telling me that I am the best dad in the whole world and that they love me. They used crayon to draw love signs, and decorated the cardboard paper.

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