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Moppet Dadsperience: Pets For Kids

A family may want or may not want pets for some reasons. Mr Okwy Eriobu is a Contractor and father of two daughters, 30 years and 23 years of age respectively. His family has a dog as a pet. On this episode of Moppet Dadsperience, he tells us his views on having pets, how his children feel about it, and some vital tips on caring for pets. Hear him:

“I am a pet lover. Pets are lovely to be with and they are good company.
Yes, I believe children have a thing or two to learn from pets, like how to be responsible for something else other than themselves. It also keeps them company and out of trouble. My children love some pets, like dogs. My first daughter was 5 years old when I brought our first dog home.

Cats, dogs, parrots are the kind of animals I would consider to be appropriate as pets for kids. Wild dogs, big cats like lions, then snakes are too dangerous/unnecessary or kids.

Animals can make a lot of mess sometimes but with a very good cage we maintain our dog.
It is okay if an animal licks my kids’ face/lips if such animal is healthy but I believe it’s not so advisable for some dogs or animals that are carriers of bacteria and other diseases.

It is always advisable to have a dog or pet in a spacious apartment so they have their freedom. Dogs are very playful and energetic.

We have not had any terrible encounter with an animal. In that regard, I’ll say we have been lucky. There was this time a dog almost ran my last daughter down while we were strolling but it only wanted to play.

My kids are very attached to our dog. Having the dog exposed them to nature, the animal part of it at least.

To parents whose kids really want a pet(s) but the parents are scared of getting one, I would like to tell them that there’s nothing wrong with having pets or getting a pet(s) for your kids if you can take care of them and the pets.
It’s a lot of work I must say but if you can monitor your kids and pets, and treat your pets regularly, I think it’s good for children.”

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